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World War One Illustrated

A Magazine for the Centennial and Beyond


WWOI features:

  • Full-color maps
  • Some never-before-published images
  • Fascinating battle and campaign studies
  • Full-color illustrations of uniforms, equipment, and weapons
  • Book reviews
  • A complete solitaire and 2-player game in the first four issues and every fourth issue thereafter
  • And more!


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In This Issue:

Aviation Changes Warfare on the Eastern Front

By Terrence Finnegan, Carl Bobrow, and Helmut Jäger
The legacies of Vauban and Napoleon combine with modern firepower and the new aeroplanes.

Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov and the Desperate Tactics of Early Russian Aviation

By Carl Bobrow
Russia’s heroic pilot became an inspiration even under the Soviets.

The First Front of the First World War

By Andrei Pogacias
Serbia defeats Austro-Hungary’s 1914 invasions.

Carpathian Frozen Slaughterhouse

By Graydon A. Tunstall
Decimation of the Habsburg Army.

Book Reviews

A variety of new books are featured.

Amazing War Stories

by Lombardy Studios
The incredible Sikorsky Il’ya Muromets aeroplane.

Issue #4 includes the solitaire and 2-player game Russia’s Great War: 1914 (three six-sided dice needed)

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