#012 Spring 2020


In This Issue:

The Newly Discovered U-boat, UB-29, in the Belgian Territorial Sea

By Tomas Termote, M.A.

The Perfect Cooperation of All Arms: Tactical Advancement in the American Expeditionary Forces

By Jeffrey LaMonica

At the Edge of Greatness: Bill Lambert and the Great War

By Samuel J. Wilson

Bill Lambert’s Home Town, Ironton, Ohio: Small City, Big Contribution

By Joe Unger

My Kin in the Great War: A Yankee in Sir John French’s Court

By Mickey Rathbon

Washington Barracks in the Great War

By Jason Altieri

Bazoilles Hospital Center: America’s First Hospital Center in Operation

By Peter Wever

My Kin in the Great War: Ralph C. Drake, A Soldier’s Journey

By Kevin Drake

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