WW1 Illustrated – Fall 2014 Single Issue


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A new quarterly magazine for the centennial—with a complete game in each issue!

WWOI features:

  • Full-color maps
  • Some never-before-published images
  • Fascinating battle and campaign studies
  • Full-color illustrations of uniforms, equipment, and weapons
  • Book reviews
  • International contributors
  • A complete game—one in a continuing WW1 solitaire and 2-player series
  • And more!

Issue #3 Partial Table of Contents

  • French Strategy In 1914: Joffre’s Own: It Was Not Plan Xvii.
  • Schlieffen’s Plan: Myth, Reality, Or Just A Bad Idea?
  • Germany’s Missing Divisions: A Larger German Army Is Not A “What-If” Fantasy.
  • Air War In The West 1914: Secrets Revealed From An Obscure Study.

Printed version sample issue is $15 and includes postage to a USA address. Canadian address is $18. Overseas address is $21.

Includes membership in the World War One Historical Association (WW1HA), our eNewsletter, special events, and discounts on centennial products.

Issue #3 On to Paris components

On to Paris Board

Air War in the West

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