World War One Illustrated #8

World War One Illustrated #8
World War One Illustrated #8

In this Issue:

1915: Trying to Break the Stalemate
By Dana Lombardy
Introducing new strategies and innovative weapons to
try to end the war

Air War in the West 1915
By Steve Suddaby
A continuation of John Cuneo’s classic study of aviation’s impact on WW1

A “Deeply Flawed” German Air Service
By Matt Bowden
1915 saw a badly needed reorganization of German aviation

Naval Failure in the Gallipoli Campaign
By Paul W. Grasmehr
This much-studied campaign has valuable lessons for future naval operations

Fake News: Who Sank the French Battleship Bouvet?
By Ayhan Aktar
Modern evidence refutes the official British version

Anthony Fokker’s monoplane fighter was called a “scourge” by the British press

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