The Officers’ Ward

The Officers’ WardThe Officers’ Ward by Marc Dugain
ISBN: 9780753812846
Published by Gale Group on 2002
Pages: 192

Len's Summary: The story of the long treatment, and slow mental and physical recovery of French officers with severely disfiguring facial wounds suffered on the Western Front. Recently made into a fine motion picture now available with English subtitles on region two DVD from

The Officer’s Ward

The Officer’s WardThe Officer's Ward by Marc Dugain
ISBN: 1569472653
Published by Soho Press on November 1st 2001
Pages: 143

Len's Summary: The story of French officers who maintain their dignity and humor even after being disfigured by war wounds sustained on the Western Front. Winner of the Prix des Libraries, among others, in 1998 when it was first published in France.