World War One Illustrated

Published twice a year (double size issues)

Editor: Ed Klekowski

Associate Editor: Libby Klekowski

Mission: To promote the study of the war and its time. Articles range from campaigns, battles, personalities, equipment, relief organizations, photographic documentation, site archaeology, medical practices, sociological impacts, political consequences, and more.

Editorial Policy: We strive to have an eclectic mix of articles focused on the period 1914-1919 in each issue.

Information for authors: WW1 Illustrated generally publishes two types of manuscripts, general articles and My Kin in the Great War contributions.

General article manuscripts — 2,000 to 3,000 words, plus eight historical photographs.

My Kin in the Great War manuscripts1,000 words and 2-3 historical photographs.

The above specifications are flexible.

Writers should contact Ed Klekowski for more information. Note– we do not pay for contributions, all you get is fame.


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