#001 Fall 2013


In This Issue:


The Balkan Wars 1912-13

By Capt. Richard A. Lechowich, USA
The first of a two-part synopsis about a regional conflict that was quickly overshadowed by the Great War a year later.

The Zeppelin Scourge

By Steve Suddaby
German airships flew raids over England with impunity for nearly two years.

French Plan XVII

By Col. David Schroeder, USAR
A “wishful thinking” strategy quickly collapses when hit by the reality of the German 1914 invasion.

Myths & Mysteries of the Air War

By O’Brien Browne
The first of a multi-part series scrutinizes the romance and legends of the ”knights of the air.”

Amazing War Stories

by Lombardy Studios
Dazzle camouflage used complex patterns of colors to disrupt German U-boat commanders’ attempts to acquire their targets.

Issue #1 includes the diceless solitaire and 2-player game Zeppelin Raider


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