#002 Summer 2014


In This Issue:


The Balkan Wars Restart

By Capt. Richard A. Lechowich, USA
The second and final part of this series explains why war broke out again so quickly in 1913, and what relevance this had to the greater European war that started in 1914.

French Plan XVII is Discarded

By Col. David Schroeder, USAR
The second and final part of this series examines leadership and the role of subordinates during the 1914 campaign in the West using an unusual comparison to modern business conditions.

British Success in the Dardanelles

By Captain Richard F. Church, USN (retired)
The Gallipoli campaign may have been ill-fated, but British submarines scored remarkable victories.

Book Reviews

The winner of our Tomlinson Award Prize and other books are featured.

More Myths & Mysteries of the Air War

By O’Brien Browne
The second of a continuing series scrutinizes the romance and legends of the ”knights of the air.”

Amazing War Stories

by Lombardy Studios
Aspects of the famous British Sopwith Camel fighter aeroplane are highlighted.

Issue #2 includes the solitaire and 2-player game Assassination in Sarajevo (one six-sided die needed)


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