Shoulder the Sky

Shoulder the SkyShoulder the Sky by Anne Perry
ISBN: 9780345456540
Published by Ballantine Books on September 28th 2004
Genres: Fiction, Historical, Thrillers, Suspense, War & Military
Pages: 338

Len's Summary: econd in Perry’s new WWI series opened with No Graves Yet. Now an army chaplain, Joseph Reavley investigates the mysterious death of an obnoxious London Times war correspondent whose body is found between the lines in Flanders. Second in a series.

No Graves As Yet

No Graves As YetNo Graves As Yet by Anne Perry
ISBN: 9780345484239
Published by Ballantine Books on 2004
Pages: 363

Len's Summary: Mystery novelist Anne Perry turns to WWI writing the story of the efforts of a British intelligence officer Matthew Reavley, and his Anglican priest brother Joseph to solve the mystery of their parent’s murder on the eve of WWI. Unimpressive. Pedestrian plot, character sketches thin; panned by several reviewers in the US and England.

To the Last Man: A Novel of the First World War

To the Last Man: A Novel of the First World WarTo the Last Man: A Novel of the First World War by Jeff Shaara
ISBN: 9780345461346
Published by Ballantine Books on 2004
Genres: Fiction, Action & Adventure, Historical, War & Military
Pages: 636

Len's Summary: The war seen through the eyes of a frightened British Tommy, General John Pershing, and Baron Manfred von Richthofen by the best-selling author of novels on the American Revolution and Civil War. Available from the History Book Club.

The Guns of August

The Guns of AugustThe Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman, Robert K. Massie
ISBN: 0345476093
Published by Ballantine Books on August 3rd 2004
Genres: World War I, Battle History, Diplomacy and Politics
Pages: 606

Len's Summary: Covers the opening stages and the roots of the conflict; superb, but read a general history first for orientation.