Our War: Ireland in the Great War

Our War: Ireland in the Great WarOur War: Ireland in the Great War by John Horne
ISBN: 9781904890508
Published by Royal Irish Academy on October 24th 2008
Pages: 319

Len's Summary: A series of essays edited by Tomlinson Prize-winner John Horne on the experiences of Irishmen at home and in the trenches. Emblematic of renewed Irish interest in WWI, in the past a fraught subject in the Irish Republic. For a contemporary view of Ulster see: Unionists and Great War Commemoration in the North of Ireland, 1914-1919: People, Places and Politics, Catherine Switzer, 211 pages, Irish Academy Press, 2007, ISBN 0 7165 2872 X, £19 from Amazon.co.uk.
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