The Economics of World War I

The Economics of World War IThe Economics of World War I by Stephen Broadberry, Mark Harrison, Hugh Rockoff, Albrecht Ritschl, Max-Stephan Schulze, Şevket Pamuk, Peter Howlett, Peter Gatrell, Herman de Jong, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur, Francesco Galassi
ISBN: 0521107253
Published by Cambridge University Press on April 1st 2009
Pages: 364

Len's Summary: A series of essays looking at the economies and finances of the major belligerents including the Ottoman Empire, the US. England, France, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary and Italy. See also Financing The First World War by Hugh Strachan, Oxford, 2004. // An analytical examination of the economies, economic mobilization and war finance of the principal belligerents: Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, France, the UK, Russia, Italy and the United States; as well as the neutral Netherlands. Contributors from England, the US, Germany, France, Holland and Turkey include Peter Gatrell and Hugh Rockoff.
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