The Russian Civil War, 1918-22

The Russian Civil War, 1918-22The Russian Civil War, 1918-22 by David Bullock
ISBN: 1846032717
Published by Osprey Publishing on November 18th 2008
Genres: History, Europe, Russia & the Former Soviet Union, Military, General, Other, Revolutionary
Pages: 144

Len's Summary: A new short narrative history.

The Czech Legion, 1914-20

The Czech Legion, 1914-20The Czech Legion 1914-20 by David Bullock
ISBN: 9781846032363
Published by Osprey Publishing on November 17th 2009
Genres: History, Military, World War I, Europe, Eastern
Pages: 48

Len's Summary: Czechs fought on the Western, Eastern and Italian fronts, as well as along the Trans-Siberian Railway.