Armies of the Great War: The American Army and the First World War

Armies of the Great War: The American Army and the First World WarThe American Army and the First World War by David R. Woodward
ISBN: 1107648866
Published by Cambridge University Press on July 10, 2014
Genres: Reference
Pages: 481

The Journal of Military History review declared this “a well-researched and nicely written volume for the ‘Armies of the Great War’ series.” It went on to say “One of the major strengths of this work is the careful integration of the context in which the American Army is roughly jerked out of its wary complacency….”

David Woodward, an Emeritus Professor of History at Marshall University, covers the American Expeditionary Forces’ battles at the Saint-Mihiel salient, the Meuse-Argonne offensive, plus U.S. soldiers in Russia and Siberia. American politics, Allied debates about various strategies, and the arguments and negotiations among the coalition partners are also examined, especially on how the U.S. divisions were integrated into the Allied order of battle.

Professor Woodward’s overview is supported by seven statistical and organizational tables. The maps are adapted from the American Armies and Battlefields in Europe, 1938 published by the American Battlefield Monuments Commission.

Reviewed by Dana Lombardy, publisher of WWOI

Dennis Showalter: “…seminal work presents America’s creation of an army that suffered every possible shortcoming resulting from improvisation.”

Lloyd George and the Generals

Lloyd George and the GeneralsLloyd George and the Generals by David R. Woodward
ISBN: 0714655074
Published by Frank Cass Publishers on May 18th 2004
Pages: 367

Len's Summary: The debate over West vs. East, and Lloyd George's attempts to control BEF commanders.

Hell in the Holy Land: World War 1 in the Middle East

Hell in the Holy Land: World War 1 in the Middle EastHell in the Holy Land: World War 1 in the Middle East by David R. Woodward
ISBN: 9780813146744
Published by University Press of Kentucky on December 6th 2013
Genres: Great Britain, Middle East, Military
Pages: 280

Len's Summary: Being published in the UK by Tempus under the title Forgotten Soldiers of the First World War. Dr. Woodward teaches modern European and Russian History at Marshall University and has written several other monographs on WWI. He spoke at our WFA seminar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at Dayton in 1997, and is a member of the panel awarding the Annual WFA-Phi Alpha Theta Undergraduate Essay Prize.

World War I Almanac

World War I AlmanacWorld War I Almanac by David R. Woodward
ISBN: 9780816071340
Published by Facts On File on September 2009
Genres: History, Military, World War I, Juvenile Nonfiction, Military & Wars, Reference, Almanacs
Pages: 554

Len's Summary: A new reference work from a first-rank scholar of the Great War who teaches at Marshall University. Dr. Woodward is also the author of a fine biography of British WWI Chief of Staff Field Marshall Sir William Robertson (Greenwood 1998) and a more recent history of the Palestine Campaign Hell in the Holyland (Kentucky 2006).