A Naval History of World War I

A Naval History of World War IA Naval History of World War I by Paul Halpern
ISBN: 9781612511726
Published by Naval Institute Press on October 11, 2012
Genres: History, Military, World War I
Pages: 616

This work is still regarded as the gold standard for overall histories of the First World War at sea. It covers every theater of the war, and the author consulted not only English-language sources but made extensive use of French and German documents and publications as well. Originally published as a hardback, it has been reissued several times in paperback.

(Notes by Steve McLaughlin)

The Mediterranean Fleet 1919-1929

The Mediterranean Fleet 1919-1929The Mediterranean Fleet 1919-1929 by Paul Halpern
ISBN: 9781409427568
Published by Ashgate Publishing on December 1st 2011
Genres: History, Europe, Great Britain, Modern, 19th Century
Pages: 620

Len's Summary: With the end of WWI, conflicts involving the RN continued in the around the Black Sea, in Turkey and its former territories, and between Turkey and Greece. This is a continuation of Halpern’s 1987 work The Royal Navy in the Mediterranean 1915-1918 (Glower Publishing Company). The author teaches at Florida State and is the leading Anglo-American expert on WWI in the Mediterranean.