Gallipoli 1915

Gallipoli 1915Gallipoli 1915 by Timothy Travers
ISBN: 9780752419756
Published by Tempus on 2001
Genres: History, Military, World War I
Pages: 287

Len's Summary: Travers, a distinguished military historian, is Professor of History at the University of Calgary.

The German Offensive of 1918

The German Offensive of 1918The German Offensive of 1918 by Martin Kitchen
ISBN: 9780752417998
Published by Tempus on October 2001
Pages: 283

Len's Summary: Dr. Kitchen of Simon Frazier University is a leading expert on the German Army.

The Battle of Tanga, 1914

The Battle of Tanga, 1914The Battle of Tanga, 1914 by Ross Anderson
ISBN: 9780752423494
Published by Tempus on January 1st 2002
Pages: 158

Len's Summary: A British Indians Army defeat at the hands of von Lettow’s askari force.